The NHL is also backing a new facility for the Islanders or else…

I recently attended a meeting of the Business Resources Group where County Executive Edward Mangano had a chance to speak about developing the Nassau County Hub.

Blah Blah blah, all I heard Mangano say was “the NHL issued a statement that the Islanders will not be playing in the current facility after 2015“. Either a new one is built or they are gone. I haven’t been able to find the NHL’s statement on this. So I won’t get all political on the blog here but I’ll leave the video up for you to hear what’s going on directly from the County Executive himself. Sorry for the video quality, I’m still breaking in the new iPhone 4. :)

The Vote to issue $400 million in bonds to build a new stadium for the Islanders will be held on Aug 1st. I am not sure why the single most important Long Island issue is hardly covered by the media but considering all the projects that have been killed in the past in Nassau County, if this project doesn’t go through I fear the Island’s economic activity will drop considerably.

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