Mark Zuckerberg Gets His Facebook Account Deleted….

This is an interesting story out this week about Mark Zuckerberg, Bankruptcy attorney from Indiana who had his facebook account banned for being a “False Identity”.

Seems that someone at Facebook didn’t bother to check Mr. Zuckerberg’s account and flagged it for removal.

Mr. Zuckerberg, Bankruptcy Attorney (BA) from Indianapolis, used to be ranked #1 on a google search for his name which I’m sure helped his business. Today, you cannot find him on a google search for his name thanks to the Facebook Zuckerberg.

Having a Common Name can be a Problem on the Internet

You see Mr. Zuckerberg, BA, has a common problem. He can no longer be found on a Google search. He’s even gone as far as registering a website named which is a site dedicated to explaining that there is room in this world for two Mark Zuckerberg’s in an attempt to be found on Google.

This story hits too close to home for me, although in my situation, I have a very common name shared by no less than an International Opera star and a current Senator from Ohio. Nowhere near as big as Zuckerberg but I still have to do some work to rank highly on Google. My name is also shared by 1901 other people according to Give or take…

How Do You Handle Having a Common Name on the Internet?

I was fortunate enough to register my domain name before the internet became popular which definitely helps my Google rankings but today I can no longer target my name on any other social media network because of how common it is. Here’s some tips on how to be found on Google…

  1. Register Your Own Name – Since I have my own domain name I can be found on Google fairly easily and I regularly end up in the #8 or #9 spot on a Google search for just my name. If your name is not available then register something similar.
  2. Blog About Yourself or Your Business – This is a no brainer. If you blog about your interests or business this will make it easier for Google to match you up with people who are looking for you.

This will be a continuing problem going forward. Your name may not be available to register and therefore you may think you will never be found.

This thinking could not be further from the truth though. I would recommend registering something similar just like Mr. Zuckerberg BA did. Google’s algorithm’s are designed to find you the most relevant information you are looking for. Targeting a few keywords around your name and some common details about you will help you be found more easily in a Google search. I know because I have done it. Despite having such a common name I have managed to stay on the first page of a Google search for my name. Somehow ;)

So if you think you can’t be found because you or your business has a common name, think again. It can be done, you just have to be smart about it like Mr. Zuckerberg BA.


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