MAC Mal-Ware Attacks!

One of the bigger stories this week I have been following revolves around the MAC Defender Malware Attack. Apple computer owners are being subjected to a number of specialized malware attacks that insists Mac users download a malware version of the popular MacDefender antivirus application, infecting their computers as a result.

It is not thought that the malware application is able to infect Mac computers with a virus, instead it is posing as scareware, which preys on disrupting the confidence of Mac users but also getting them to hand over their credit card details.

Why Aren’t MAC Users Using An Anti-Virus?

This kind of attack sounds all too familiar to a former windows user but I’m still at a loss as to why a MAC user would not have installed anti-virus software to defend against this, especially when there are some incredibly good free programs out there. Hint, hint, try this one from Sophos… Then again, I did not grow up in the Apple environment. I moved over to the platform because I got tired of fighting all the Windows Malware.

Maybe I just don’t understand the typical MAC user. I hear that MAC users have never thought to use the extra security because MAC’s are more secure out of the box than Windows. Now that the Platform has grown to the point it is being targeted by Malware it may be time for MAC user’s to understand we need to use the same protection too.

I Still Use an Anti-Virus, Firewall and VPN

I have been using an iPhone for the last 4 years but only recently completely switched to using a MAC for everything because of how well it played with the phone. My last unused windows laptop went out the door about 6 months ago. I grew up on Windows and since forever, as a Windows user, the first thing I did was lock it down with an anti-virus and firewall.

The same hold’s true with my MAC’s. Anti-Virus and Firewall’s are installed before use. I also have a VPN handy at all times to use unsecured networks. I guess some old Windows habits are now coming in handy.

Apple Should Start Pre-Installing Anti-Virus

MAC’s are generally used by the younger generation. Security on the internet is not really a priority for them. Therefore I think it’s time for Apple to start pre-installing a free Anti-Virus on MAC’s. Yes that would be admitting their platform is not as secure as most of their customers think and it may tarnish their “MAC’s are more secure and don’t need any protection” aura but it is the right thing to do. Heck, Apple can even say that due to the growing MAC market we have decided to include a free anti-virus with every MAC.

So take it from a former windows user. Install a free anti-virus. Get a firewall and if your constantly using public WiFi, get a VPN. The extra protection will save you lots of headaches in the future and will go a long way towards preventing identity theft.
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