This past weekend I went through and listed all the social media networks I have active accounts with. So far I have totaled up 13 active social media accounts. No wonder I’m never on facebook!

Where am I? Besides the standard facebook, twitter and YouTube accounts, I have used tumblr, flikr, Dailybooth, foursquare, wordpress, Google Buzz (Does that count?), Linkedin, Tout, Fellowup and Vimeo. I feel like I’m forgetting one but I’m sure it’ll come to me. Oh Yeah, I just started using “Meetup” Make that 14…

There are still sites out there I haven’t adopted yet and may never adopt at all. Instagram and Color come to mind. It’s all entirely too much even for the social media savvy. Yes, I use tools to help me manage all my social media campaigns but who’s really going to go that far?

My advice, pick 2 or 3 sites and stick with them. Don’t worry about the others. If you want to try out a new social media platform, use it for a week. If you find it invaluable then continue using it. If not, stop! You can always go back in a few months to see if the service has grown up enough to be used on a daily basis.

Facebook seems to be able to do what all these other sites can do anyway (with the exception of instagram and color) so many people may get overwhelmed to the point that they just stick with facebook and that’s it. I like competition and a company that’s a jack of all trades will never be able to innovate faster than the open source community so I’m always looking for the next great app but when is enough, enough?

So, how many social media platforms are you using? Which ones do you stick with and why?
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