Just this week, on 5/18/11, I buy this very good app to manage my business cards for $.99.

The app is called “Business Card Reader” and came out on April 15th of this year. At the time I purchased the app it was about a month old and was the current top seller in the business category.

A 600% Price Increase in 4 Days

I’m willing to try the top app in the business category for $.99 but four days later the app is now $5.99. That’s almost a 600% price increase!

It’s a great app for $.99 to scan in and organize your business cards but for $5.99? Even $2.99 would be a good deal. I was going to recommend this app to everyone I know who is a mobile networker. Because of the price, I can’t.

I understand supply and demand but with an unlimited supply you would think to maybe raise the price to $1.99 or even $2.99 but $5.99?

No Longer The Current Top Seller

The app market seems to agree with me because the app now ranks #13 and dropping. So if you were here looking for a great tool to manage all your business cards, this was it. Unfortunately I won’t recommend it based on it’s new price.

So check out Business Card Reader in the App Store.

Maybe the company will get the price down somewhere to the point I can recommend it again.
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