As a business person I admire Apple’s business model immensely. Not only do their products have the “Wow” factor but they deliver on customer service. Walk into one of their Apple stores and you’ll see what I mean. The recent “LocationGate” incident is just more proof that Apple responds timely to issues regarding their products.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs
Apple CEO Steve Jobs

News that relatively imprecise cell phone tower location data from iPhones is stored in a file that is backed up onto your computer gathered a lot of attention. “LocationGate” began when two researchers released a Mac app (iPhone Tracker) that not only finds the file on your computer, but also displays that information.

Members of Congress and even other countries were demanding an explanation from Apple’s Steve Jobs as to why this data was being collected and how it was being used. Seems that this little feature is a violation of numerous privacy laws in many different countries.

Some customers email Steve Jobs directly threatening to move to an Android-based phone because “they don’t track me.” Jobs, in one of his typically terse responses, reportedly replied, “Oh yes they do. We don’t track anyone. The info circulating around is false.”

Apple releases an update to the “LocationGate” incident less than two weeks later to address these issues. Problem solved.

Yes, Rumors have long abounded that Steve Jobs will randomly answer some emails personally further adding to the mystique and aura of the company but the biggest reason behind why I love Apple products is because of the “Quality” of the products, the “Security” of the software and the fact that Apple throws a tremendous amount of “Support” behind their products.

Being that Apple makes such great products, industry leading software that just works and holds their 3rd party software developers to a higher standard, Apple is then held to a higher standard than any other Tech Company in the world. Their customers demand this quality and they deliver which is the biggest reason why Apple has surpassed Microsoft and is now the 2nd biggest company in the world.

This is a great lesson for business owners out there who follow me and really for anyone who wants to separate themselves from their competition. Apple’s customers pay top dollar for Apple products because no one can compete with the quality of there products or reproduce their exceptional software.

If you compete on price alone all you get is inferior products and inferior service. Say hello to Dell, Windows and all the other companies that compete on price and not quality.


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