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If your like me, I like to use apps that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing. This new twitter client, just released today from a small Silicon Valley startup called Tapbots, is just that. A really good-looking twitter app with a lot of functionality.

Now I have only been using Tweetbot for a few hours but it is already my twitter client of choice. Tweetbot is very fast, has not frozen up on me like other first generation apps and I love the fact I can keep a private list as my main timeline instead of the main twitter timeline where every tweet from all 900+ people I’m following end up. My private list has tweeters I actually know and when you start following a lot of people on twitter, lists become invaluable.

Tweetbot also gives you the ability to edit and manage most anything on your twitter account just like you can on the twitter homepage or any other 3rd party twitter desktop client. I can manage my lists, create new ones, add and remove and follow other lists with ease. It wasn’t that easy to do on the official twitter app.

The biggest problem I had with the official twitter app was quoting tweets before retweeting them. Tweetbot has made it much easier to qoute a tweet, or add your own text to a retweet.

But what really sold me on purchasing the $1.99 app was how graphically pleasing it is to use. It’s more elegant than the official twitter app and reinforces the whole Apple experience. I’m going to leave a dozen screen shots here as proof. I dropped $1.99 on the app so, as you’ve probably guessed, I recommend it. :)

You can find Tweetbot here in the App Store….


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