With all these Data Breaches, Should You Use a Password Manager? Most Definitely!

Lately, I have had a lot of requests for me to start reviewing password managers in light of this recent Sony Data breach. Of course SONY is not the only one to have a recent data breach, it’s happening to quite a few companies across the board and I expect a lot of phishing attacks and stolen identities in the near future.

The only real way for you to protect yourself from all these data breaches is to to change your passwords on any of your online accounts periodically. It’s a true pain in the butt, I know. Many of us use the same password across the board because it’s easy to remember. This is bad! A No-No! Stop it! Stop it now! :)

I recommend using a password manager. I will not be reviewing any new password managers though. I  currently use one that I love. It’s called Moxier Wallet. I use it because the program syncs with my iPhone, wirelessly. It’s also available for Windows and Android users.

What is Moxier Wallet?

Released in July 2009, Moxier Wallet is a secure personal information vault for managing and storing important frequently used information such as financial data, prescription and health info, vehicle and product data, as well as website logins and passwords. Featuring easy-to-use software, customizable settings, powerful encryption technology, and automatic multi-platform synchronization capabilities; Moxier Wallet provides an intuitive solution to overcome consumers’ ever-expanding personal data needs

It’s technically an eWallet. I can store all my online username & passwords. So if you are concerned about all the data breaches and feel you may become a victim of one, check out Moxier’s Wallet. Then get to work and start changing all your passwords into secure passwords that can be stored on your computer and iPhone. I may start changing passwords quarterly if need be.

The Software is Free. The Syncing Capabilities are not

Be forewarned, the iPhone app is free. The software for Mac and Windows is free. The syncing capabilities are not. You get a 21 day trial for the wireless syncing. After that it’s $20 a year. For that $20 your information is also accessible from the Moxier website so your info is backed up in the cloud. Not a bad deal at all to keep your data safe and available all at the same time. Check out the enclosed screencast. You may find this little program useful too.


Good Luck in securing your data. Between this posting and my last posting about using Gmail’s new Authenticator App to secure your email, you are well on your way to protecting yourself from all these Data Breaches.


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