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MLB at Bat 2011 – Wk 8 Review, Condensed Games? Part of the App or part of the MLB.tv Subscription?

MLB.com At Bat 11, the App Store’s #1 selling application, is live baseball – every pitch from every at bat – for the entire 2011 season and it’s been out now for almost 8 weeks. I have now had a chance to fully test out the app.

It’s a confusing little app. I’m not sure what features are included in the App price and what are included in the MLB.tv subscription. The reason it gets confusing is that MLB.tv has been offered for free for the month of April. Come May, some of my favorite features may disappear. But the one feature I use the most I know will not. You will always be able to stream the radio broadcasts of every game through the MLB At Bat App. Here is a screencast of another feature I am enjoying. It’s the condensed game feature…


Some of my notes on the App:

  1. I have not used the in app twitter client – Nope. Haven’t used it. It’s a new feature this year and I think it’s a good idea but since the app can stream the radio broadcast of any game, I have tended to listen to the game while using my favorite twitter app, or, more likely, I watch the game while tweeting.
  2. I have not used the integrated check-in feature – I have attended a Mets game recently and never did think to open the app and check-in. I did check-in to Citifield on foursquare. Even though I knew the MLB app has the ability to check-in I still didn’t think to use it. How many apps do you need to check-in? ;)
  3. I have watched a few condensed Met games – The condensed games are a great feature. It’s not new since this was in last years app. When I wake up the following morning I have an alert saying the condensed game is available. The condensed games are approximately 15 minutes long, and are part of the MLB at Bat iPhone App subscription? Do you need the MLB.tv subscription for this? Overall it’s a great time saver!
  4. Free Subscription to MLB.tv for the month of April – Obviously there has not been much interest in the MLB.tv subscription. At $99 a year I would tend to agree. MLB.tv was made available for free during Spring Training and then extended for the month of April. For an extra $5 I would upgrade to a full year of MLB.tv but $14.99 for an app on my iPhone is my limit. MLB.tv looks great on an iPad but the blackout restrictions are a deal killer. No live home games!
  5. Create a profile, then link your Twitter & Facebook accounts – I’m not sure why but you can create a profile on the app and link this profile to your twitter and Facebook accounts. Maybe there’s some future functionality here. Dunno…


So, will condensed games become a permanent part of the MLB at Bat 2011 app? We’ll find out next month:

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