As most of you who follow me know, I am always out and about looking for WiFi hotspots.

Lately I had lost access to the Cablevision Network of WiFi Hotspots as I tried to take advantage of a special that Verizon was offering. It was a $99 a month triple play package that included their high speed internet of 25mps. This was a pretty big speed difference over Cablevision’s standard 15mps offering.

The only drawback was I no longer had access to Cablevisions extensive wireless network including the one that’s practically in my own backyard. Not having access to all these wifi hotspots was a deal killer, especially as an iPhone user. The phone automatically jumps onto these networks for data speeds 10x faster than the overloaded AT&T network.

So after using Verizon for 2 months I am back on the Optimum Network with access to everyone of their hotspots like the one I took a picture of here. Again, this hotspot is practically in my own backyard as I just had to walk up the block to get the picture. If your lucky enough to have one of these around you don’t need a router in your house. Just access this super router. Since it’s a public router make sure your using a VPN at all times.


Check out the Companies Accessing these routers –


Here is a screenshot from my iPhone’s eWifi app as I was standing right under one of these super routers. I was able to verify that Time Warner Cable and xfinity (Camcast) are both piggybacking on the Optimum WiFi network so if your a customer of one of these two Cable companies you can access this network. No sign of Verizon though. I’m stil not sure what there WiFi strategy is.

But check out the list of WiFi connections that are available. Mr. “Norman” has an open connection meaning anyone can access his network and potentially gain access to any computer that is on that network. That is a no-no.

The last 3 networks all have encrypted connections. They’re smart. You do not want to have an open connection so check your router settings and turn on it’s security features.

Any Questions? Drop them in the comments below. I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

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