It’s Tech Tuesday and this week I wanted to highlight the many free resources currently buried in the iBooks Store…

This past weekend I was looking for some reference material regarding developing IOS applications. I’m just dabbling in IOS app development but I found just what I was looking for on iBooks.

I know this type of reading is not the typical reading of my readers but Apple offers plenty of free iBooks in their iBooks store . As I was going through the iBooks store I also downloaded some literary classics for free from authors like Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Shakespeare, Poe and many, many others.

Here’s a great video review of the iBooks apps…

Check out the free books under the Business & Personal Finance section. Plenty of free titles to give you ideas on how to eliminate debt, how to market yourself in a tough economy, plenty of tips from investors and my favorite, a managers guide to a paperless office. There’s even a free book on how to make an eBook if you are a writer and would like to self publish yourself.

iBooks is not one of the most popular offerings from Apple. Certainly Amazon leads the way when it comes to digital books but I wanted to highlight the fact they have many free titles that you can add to your digital collection. These books can be read on any IOS device like an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

So check out the iBook store for free eBooks on most any topic you are interested in reading up on. You may be pleasantly surprised like I was.


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