It seems like attempts at integrating a radio tuner with an iPod are long dead.

But if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with access to a WiFi connection there are plenty of apps to allow you to listen to streaming radio. Here is the newest free radio app I found in the app store. It also can be found at and works on your Android and Blackberry’s as well.

In a previous posting I had highlighted some radio apps that I have used in the past. When I originally downloaded them they were all free. Now when I go back to get these same apps they all cost money. Probably because they became very popular. So when I tell you to download something while it’s still free, DOWNLOAD IT! :)

So if you want a great radio app, download Stitcher before the company starts charging for it. I specifically use it because it gets WFAN in NY, our local sports radio station.

I still don’t know it if it streams baseball games for free but that is something I’m sure someone will let me know. :)


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