Mac Users

Sophos LogoMac users usually think don’t they need an anti-virus program because MAC’s are pretty much virus free. Fortunately for APPLE, since the MAC platform is constantly growing and making APPLE more money, more viruses are now targeting the MAC. That’s unfortunate for MAC users but there’s no need to panic just yet, there has been a free anti-virus program available for  the MAC for quite a while and it’s offered by a reputable company, Sophos.

Sophos is a developer and vendor of security software and hardware, including anti-virusanti-spywareanti-spamnetwork access controlencryption software and data loss prevention for desktops, servers, email systems and other network gateways. Unlike other security companies, Sophos does not produce anti-virus and anti-spam solutions for home users, but instead has always focused on the business market. They do have a Free MAC Anti-Virus program for personal use. Check it out…

Download a copy of Sophos free anti-virus program for your MAC.

Windows Users

There are free anti-virus programs for you too! And I must say you better have an anti-virus program on Windows or your asking for serious trouble. Try one of these two:

AVG Free Anti-virus is a perfectly good anti-virus program.

AVAST is also a completely free anti-virus software program that is top rated by

So there is no excuse for you to not have anti-virus software in place and the best anti-virus software programs for your personal computers are usually free so make sure you install an anti-virus program, run a scan and keep the anti-virus program updated. This will go a long way in keeping your computer healthy, happy and running smooth.

Stay tuned for more postings this month on Spring Cleaning computer tips as well as security tips to help keep you secure while using Wifi and surfing the web...
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