Tomorrow is the 1st annual World Backup Day! And I think this is a great idea. As part of securing your computer you should have a reliable backup of your entire hard drive in case of an accident, theft, or your computer just plain dies on you. Always have a remote backup in the event you lose what is now, arguably, your most important asset.

Pictures, music, videos, financial documents, work related stuff, my entire blog and all it’s notes, my small business info, heck,  I keep it all on my notebook. We all dread the day you lose such a personal possession like your notebook or to be separated from it for some reason or another. With a reliable online backup the only thing you will lose is the hardware, not the all important files that are stored on that hardware.

So in honor of World Backup Day 2011 I have a 3 month subscription to Backblaze, a sponsor of the World Backup Day and an affiliate, to give to one lucky commenter.
Tell me why you need a backup but never got around to it. One random reader will be issued a 3 month subscription to Backblaze.


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