Via @OnTheBlack – MLB At Bat 2011 iPhone Discussion w/Kerel Cooper

Via – Kerel Cooper and I discuss some of the features of the MLB At Bat 2011 iPhone App (also available for Android). There are over 14 blogs covering the NY Mets but Kerel Cooper of is currently the only Vlogger covering the Mets. Check out the links after the video for more info on some of the apps we discuss…

Links mentioned in the Vlog:

Sports Radio iPhone app – $.99 (was free when I first got it) – I use this app to listen to WFAN. It’s not just baseball but an app that can get you the radio streams of most any sporting event. *Highly recommended*

Fangraphs – stats, stats and more stats for the fan who can’t get enough statistics – $2.99

MLB At Bat 2011 iPhone App LITE Version – try the app free!

Some other links that may help:

IHeartRadio – free app that has over 2 dozen sports stations. I do not think they have any of the local NY teams though.

FanMisery – Not the most useful app at $2.99 but could be interesting if you like to follow fan reactions. *I don’t use this that much at all*

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