This week AOL teams up with the Huffington Post, a former Tech Titan and my favorite blog, to bring you, I don’t know what but just when you thought AOL was completely dead, a la Myspace, they start to make me think they just might make a comeback.

Most kids today don’t realize how huge AOL was and consider dial up an ancient technology way before their time. Here is a quick AOL history lesson by Molly from Rocketboom


Are you still using an AOL email account? If so, are you paying for it?

That’s my biggest issue. Seems that almost 80% of AOL’s revenue is from customers who pay for access to their AOL email. What these customers don’t realize is that this access is free. You should no longer be paying for internet access through AOL. If you are stil paying for AOL it is for internet access through AOL and that access is probably already coming from your cable company. In effect these customers are paying for internet access through AOL & through their cable company.

I thought this AOL issue was long over but it keeps coming up as I’ve found quite a few readers still paying for AOL and it’s always the older population that seems to be getting hit with the charges.

So if you know of someone who has an AOL email address, make sure they are using the free version. With money so tight these days these is no point in paying for internet access twice.

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