Credit Cards – They’re a modern-day must. Anyone who’s ever forgotten their credit card at home or worse, lost it, knows exactly how crucial that piece of plastic truly is. With rampant fraud and ID theft though, most cardholders are equally aware of the risks. But what if the account number on your card disappeared when not in use? ZDNet correspondent Sumi Das explores payment innovations from Dynamics, Square and Bling Nation. via ZDNET

I’m not so sure about these new credit cards as I would just rather swipe my phone but as you can see the credit card technology is rapidly changing.

If your an Entrepreneur you should try Square which is featured in this video. There is also Blingnation for those business owners who want to take payments over cell phones.

The best part is, these payment options come with so many built in analytic’s that you now have the tools that give you the information you need to grow your business, so go ahead and try as many as you can.

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