It’s Tech Tuesday! Time to add a FREE Project Management iPhone app to the the Tech Toolbox…

I posted this to twitter a few days ago but I’m going to mention it again here. I found this brand new project management iPhone app posted to the app store on February 11th. It’s free till March so worth taking a look at. You can download the app here…



Of course, being that this is such a new app I have lots of questions. I don’t know if this app will remain free, cannot test how well this app will work with their desktop counterparts, how are the sync capabilities or even how much the desktop clients will cost.

There is limited information about the iPhone app and desktop clients that will be available for the MAC, Windows and iPad. You can check out the XA Organize website for even more information.

Otherwise, this app seems to be very well put together for an initial release.

There are five tabs across the bottom of the app with the first tab being a quick entry tab. Here you can capture voice memos, text memos and pictures from the app and organize them into your projects. The camera function is not working just yet. When I went to use it a prompt went up letting me know I don’t have an integrated camera. Hopefully that is an issue that is fixed in the next update.

The next tab is an “Organize” tab where you can move around and organize all of your notes into collections. Each collection is a project.

Under each collection you can note each step needed until a project is completed. These steps will be listed in the “Next Steps” tab. If you have many projects going this tab will show you the next steps that are needed for each project and when they are due. The tab is handy to give you an idea of what needs to be done on a certain date.

The final tab, “Someday” is a misc collection holding tasks that are not related to any collections.

The “More” tab does show a synchronization feature but no additional information is available. There are also many customizable settings and you can choose from 6 different themes if you are not happy with default theme.

[box] And that’s this week’s tech tip. “Test Drive a FREE Project Management app”. I will post some quick tips each week that may (or may not) help you get more productive, stay secure or just solve some small nagging problem in your daily computing activities so check back here every tuesday or subscribe to the blog to have your weekly tips delivered straight to your inbox.[/box]


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