It’s Tech Tuesday! And time to introduce another great small little program you may find useful: This past week I made the stupid mistake of accidentally deleting thousands (YES, Thousands!) of photo’s on my hard drive. I even emptied the trash before realizing my error which was a double no-no! As luck would have it I located a free tool that helped me recover my lost files and yet another tool for the ever growing MAC Toolbox. NOT for Windows. Sorry. :)

The tool I am referring to is called Disk Drill! You can find it at

Right now Disk Drill is FREE while it’s in BETA and I’m not sure how long that will last but I will confirm this little program got the job done and it will work on just about any drive you have, be it your computer’s hard drive, a flash drive or a memory card. Any drive that can be mounted to a MAC.

As you can see from the screenshot this program will do quick scans, deep scans, gives you real time updates as to how many files the program is recovering and what type of files are being recovered. On the screenshot you’ll see the program is recovering from an SD Card.

So never worry about deleting a file completely again. Not as long as you have this small free little program handy.

And that’s this week’s tech tip. I will post some quick tips each week that may (or may not) help you get more productive, stay secure or just solve some small nagging problem in your daily computing activities so check back here every tuesday or subscribe to the blog to have your weekly tips delivered straight to your inbox.

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