I have been using MOZY online backups for years now. Mozy is an online backup service for both Windows and Mac users. The cloud service allows users to back up data continuously, manually or schedule updates. Mozy is known for offering affordable backup storage space for home and business users.

For $5 a month I could backup my whole computer online securely. MOZY’s small backup program worked quietly in the background and offered unlimited storage. I never did have to worry about having a backup with MOZY around. That all changed with my latest email:

So now the service is no longer unlimited and my backup costs just doubled. They’re taking away value AND charging me more.

I heard this was coming. There are other options. I also use the free version of dropbox but dropbox would charge me a similiar $9.99 a month or $100 a year for backing up just 50GBS of data. Not my full hard drive.

Google will allow me to store all my documents in my Google Docs folder, and for $50 a year I could backup 200GB’s of data. Just about where I want to be. 4x the amount of space for half the price. Guess I might have to move my backup’s to Google Docs especially since I already use them?

But MOZY was the only backup that synced my files when they changed and didn’t require me to do anything. Google and dropbox do not have any sync capabilities. So now I will be looking for a new online backup that will do what MOZY did but at a fair price.

Do you use an online backup? If so who are you using and why?

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  2. Maning-ning February 8, 2011 at 8:20 AM

    Ooops! what Mozy just did to their customers. I assume thousands of Switchers have been placed to cheaper online backups especially Crashplan, Backblaze, idrive, Carbonite and Safecopybackup. Am glad I said bye bye to Mozy earlier on before the crapping down on unlimited backup plans. Currently, I happily backup at http://www.safecopybackup.com for unlimited computers at less than $50/yr. Safecopy give a free 3GB account if you can try it out. or you can checkout your own option using this review; http://www.backuplineup.com.

  3. Boris Mehling February 7, 2011 at 7:54 AM

    Another possibility can be Updatestar Online Backup; an online backup service with unlimited storage for home and business users with rave reviews from the press and a cheap price. You can find a free trial on the website. The have a special offer with unlimited storage, where you can save another $30.
    I tried Mozy and Carbonite before and now use Updatestar about 4 months ago and I´m very happy with it.


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