Welcome to 2011 and this year we’ll get off to a quick start in the tech world with some major announcements:

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a major technology-related trade show that wil be held January 6th – 9th in the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada. This event is not open to the public but you can bet it will be blogged. The Consumer Electronics Association-sponsored show typically hosts previews of products and new product announcements.

Here various companies wil announce their latest products. Microsoft usually announces some of their newest products at this event. Motorola, Samsung, LG & Nividia all expect to make some kind of announcements too.

There will be a lot of tech blogs covering this event and I’ll forward on some of the better info I find.

The Best Stuff Is Not Announced At CES, It Comes From Apple

This years biggest tech announcements won’t happen at CES. Apple, which holds it’s own events for introducing it’s new products has two of the biggest products yet to be announced. Most people expect Apple to schedule their product intro events towards the end of January.

The first product is expected to be a Verizon iPhone which has been rumored for the last 3 years. It’s finally expected to become a reality. I expect Verizon customers will flock to the iPhone if they don’t already have an Android smartphone and AT&T is expected to lose some of their customers to Verizon in the process.

I look forward to this since the iPhone is a data hog and slows down AT&T’s network considerably. I feel that AT&T’s network is the best in the industry and is battle tested because they have had the iPhone since June of 2007. We will finally see how Verizon’s network handles the data hungry iPhone masses. From what I hear there are Millions (maybe up to 6 million) of people waiting to get their hands on a Verizon iPhone. This will get interesting and will test Verizon’s network to the extreme.

iPad 2 Set To Be Announced

Time for the iPad 2 to be announced. Apple’s new iPad is rumored to have a front & back camera, facetime and a USB port. This new iPad with all these new features could very well double as a netbook or even a laptop. With a USB port you could plugin a keyboard & mouse and add additional memory. I will definitely be taking a look at the new iPad. The 1st generation didn’t really offer me any value for the money. This 2nd generation iPad could do it all.

Apple plans on opening it’s app store on the Mac OSx – January 6th.

This much anticipated event means that the current app store that is found in iTunes for their mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone will now be available from somewhere on your mac desktop for desktop applications.

The categories will include education, games, graphics, lifestyle, productivity and utilities.

With the launch, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the company aims to replicate the success of its mobile App Store. Like the mobile store, the Mac version will have one click and easy installation. The Mac App Store is available for OS X Snow Leopard users as a free download.

So That’s What I’m Looking At This Week

Apple iPad 2, Verizon iPhone, Apple Mac Store & other various products coming out of CES. Check back on Tuesday for my regularly scheduled tech tuesday column and let’s hope all these new tech products make for a productive new year.

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