I could have changed the title of the blog post to whatever I wanted but left it the way it is, the way the photographer intended it to be used. What a brave people these Egyptians must be in order for one to stand up to so many…

It took just 3 days for the people of Egypt to coordinate the peaceful protesting were all seeing using only facebook and twitter.

The internet in Egypt was turned off to prevent these images from leaking out to the rest of the world but still you can find the people of Egypt are getting their story out…

It doesn’t take much effort to find these images and many more showing what is truly happening in the Arab world. You can click on the photographer’s flickr username just above the image in this post that will take you to many other images in this users photostream.

On twitter you can use the hashtag #Egypt, #jan25, Mubarak & Cairo. On youtube you can do a search for “Egypt” where you will find pages and pages of video’s uploaded by the citizens of Egypt.

If you have been watching CNN or any other news network and have noticed everyone holding up cameras and cellphones, they’re posting all their pictures to flickr and video’s to youtube so the world can find them.

Thanks to social media you can find these stories being told in real time if you just know where to look.

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