I was checking out some research done by the Pew Internet Project and decided to post some of their findings here.

I highlighted two categories I found interesting. SNS (Social Network Services = Social Media) use decreases the older you get. I expect those numbers to level out within the next couple of years as Social Media becomes more widely accepted. This explains why I can still only find about 50% of my friends on facebook, even less on twitter.

However, internet users in Gen X (those ages 34-45) and older cohorts are more likely than Millennials to engage in several online activities, including visiting government websites and getting financial information online.

Using the internet for financial info increases the older you get. That’s a no-brainer. Obviously the older you get the more interested you are in protecting your nest egg.

There are many other interesting tidbits of info you could get from this info-graphic. Check it out. You may even find a new use for that new computer you got for Christmas.

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