Polaroid makes a comeback and “Lady Gaga is Polaroids Creative Director” – Here’s a video breaking down all the gadgets Polaroid has in development and announced today at the CES Event in Las Vegas:

I did not know this but I learn something everyday. Lady Gaga is Polaroids Creative Director and introduced a few products including a pair of sunglasses that she designed herself that can take video and pictures. That product is a prototype and there is no launch date just yet but this would be a perfect tool for video bloggers.

So I thought it was incredibly interesting that Polaroid is making a comeback and using Lady Gaga as a Creative Director. A very smart move on Polaroids part. Why? With over 7.6 million followers on twitter, Lady Gaga can sell millions of any product she creates with just a 140 character tweet. Think about that!

Video by Network World.

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