#140Conference – News Reporters Finally are Getting Social Media?

This years #140Conference in NYC was an eye opener. For decades and possibly forever the News industry has had little to no competition. Reporters today though have struggled to accept that they are now competing with the average person to report the news which makes their voices so much smaller.

At this years conference I enjoyed the talks by Ann Curry (@AnnCurry) – Cohost of NBC’s Today Show and host of Dateline NBC and also Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) – Author & Professor, both of who are involved in old media but now embrace social media whole-heartedly.

I especially enjoyed Jeff Jarvis’s presentation where he realized now that he no longer was the only one on the soapbox broadcasting the news. Everyone now had this ability, just faster. It’s the realization that everyone can now report the news but someone else will always be in the right place at the right time to do it. It doesn’t mean the death of the reporter but it does mean the internet has fundamentally and forever changed the way reporting is now done. The internet has done this to many industries, the news industry is no exception.

Many old school reporters are just now accepting that the internet has changed their industry as it has many others. So many old school reporters still cannot accept these changes but for the few that have, like an Anne Curry and a Jeff Jarvis, they move to the forefront to lead a new generation of reporters on how to accept and use social media throughout their reporting careers. The rest of the old school reporters who got on board late accepting social media have become irrelevant.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media or even any of the newest social media platforms. Platforms may rise and fall but people are naturally social and need connections. Social Media is filling that need which means it’s here to stay. :)

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“Essential Long Island” iPhone App Update – New Rooftop Lounge & Bar with Stunning Views of the Atlantic

I purchased and went over the “Essential Long Island” iPhone app last year so when the apps author notified me that there was a free upgrade I had to check it out to see if a Long Island local like myself would find something new to do. I did. I’m impressed. Here’s my review.. (more…)

Facebook Hidden Requests? Why?

Check out this quick screenshot and then go into your own facebook page and verify you have no hidden requests.

What is this? I always manage to get caught off-guard with another facebook privacy issue and this one I could not explain with a Google search. The facebook help center was of no help either. It’s the facebook hidden friend request. How do you do this? Why would you? Why do facebook friend requests need to be hidden and why are there no notifications in facebook or the facebook iPhone app as a heads up?


Should Facebook Make This a Security issue?

So this is what’s stumping me. It’s a hidden friend request on facebook that does not initiate any alerts alerting you that you have a friend request waiting. In the meantime, until you do something with the request, the requestor account has access to your profile and maybe just enough personal info to steal a password or two. This should really be a security issue.

In this case the request came from Belgium. Not sure why. It’s just another heads up from yours truly because I really doubt facebook is responding to my request for more info. If anyone has more info about the facebook hidden friends request leave em in the comments below.



Apple & Twitter Team Up in September, Just in Time For Back to School. What Will Your Kids Be Tweeting?

This past week I have been following the WWDC which is Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference.

The conference is currently taking place, between June 6th – June 10th, and Apple uses the conference to introduce all of their upcoming products. Apple seems to have plans to take over the computing world and will be partnering with twitter to do it. I’m not yet alarmed since Apple has the most stable and safest operating system on the market and twitter is a much safer social media platform than facebook but just the same I have my eye on these two companies.

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Due to these two Tech Titans working together I recommend you have the “Social Media Talk” with any youngsters in your family sooner rather than later. I discussed the Social Media Talk on my previous posting.


Here’s Why I recommend Having the Social Media Talk, and soon

Apple is releasing IOS5 for the iPhone sometime in September while all your kids are busy going back to school. This new operating system will have twitter integrated with every “Twitter Friendly” application purchased and used on that phone. If you take a picture you can instantly tweet it. If you play a game you can instantly let your friends know on twitter what game your playing, if your shopping on mobile Safari you can tweet a web page showing the world that cool new widget you just bought.

The amount of information that Apple and Twitter will be able to gather about iPhone users just blows me away and it will all be available publicly on twitter for anyone to search through. Think marketers, identity thieves, stalkers and even your mother. ;)

And that’s where I’m worried. As a longtime iPhone and Twitter user I’ve developed my own personal policies on what to tweet and what not to tweet. The implications of tweeting incorrectly can be devastating. But not everyone is educated as to the proper way to use twitter. A great example of tweeting incorrectly is our esteemed Congressmen, Anthony Wiener. Need I say more?

Come September there will be millions of new users tweeting through their iPhones. And let’s not forget the iPod Touch will also have the same capabilities. That being said, Here are some tips to help prepare for the September Twitter explosion…


Go Over What Topics Are Tweetable

If your the parent of a kid who just got an iPhone it’s time to talk about how to use it when it becomes completely integrated with twitter. You may need a “No Pictures Tweeted” policy in your household. Pictures are not stored on twitter but on 3rd party sites like twitpic and many others. I use Posterous to post my twitter pictures and videos. These sites are open for all to see.

No tweeting locations! Yes, the iPhone knows where you are, using it’s built in GPS, and will tweet your location. That option may need to be turned off if possible. I actually will tweet a location once in a while but only AFTER I leave that location. Don’t tweet a location you frequent daily. Yes, if someone wants to stalk you they can if your offering up the information. Twitter location sharing makes stalking so easy to do especially if your tweeting your in the same Dunkin Donuts every morning. (I prefer Starbucks) ;)


Create a Tweeting Policy

Twitter is a microblog. Just like any blog you should stick to a few topics and try to stay on topic.

My personal tweeting policy is I tweet about social media, technology and the NY Mets. I limit my topics to that. They’re pretty safe. Everything else can be done over email, text or the old fashioned phone call.

No using twitter for flirting. Your romantic musings can be taken to another platform, like text messaging, that’s a little more private. Trust me, this may save some embarrassment in the future.

Make a tweeting policy and stick to it.

Learn How to use the the Direct Message function (DM)

Twitter users can use the direct message function to send private messages to each other but I would advise being careful there too. In the many years I have used twitter the DM function has been hacked many times and many a private DM has been make public. Random glitches in the system have also been known to expose private DM’s as public tweets. The DM function is there so you can send another user your email address privately. That’s really all I use it for.


Benefits of Having Twitter Deeply integrated with the iPhone

Yes, there are some benefits! I’m looking forward to being able to easily tweet videos I like on youtube, articles I find interesting on some of my favorite News Apps and, yes, pictures I deem twitter acceptable. I can even directly tweet the videos I take on the phone. These are huge time savers for someone like myself who lives on twitter.

So add the Social Media “Talk” to your list of things to do for Back to School. Just the same I will be sending reminders out from my twitter account @DVDaniels.

ps. this is a posting I have written for Patch.com but most anything I write may appear here first. I try to scoop myself. ;)

What Social Media Network Should Kids Use First? Facebook or Twitter?

It’s your kids 13th birthday and they now are technically old enough to setup a facebook account but should they?

This is the debate that has been going on in my little social circle. Parents who have practically no social media experience are now being asked to police kids social media activities. Parents hear stories about how facebook and twitter give the outside world too much access to their kids but just like any activity, you need to put on the training wheels first before they ride the bike. Your kids will need Social Media training wheels too.

Social Media is huge and is not going away. Teach your kids how to manage it now or they will jump on without you knowing and create a mess. It’s kind of like having the “Talk”, you know, the birds and the bees “Talk”. If you don’t have the “Talk” with your kids one of their friends will have it with them first. So you will need to have the social media talk too.

I prefer Twitter Accounts for Kids

Yes, I prefer twitter over facebook on so many levels. Number 1 is security. On twitter either everyone has access to your child’s account or no one has access until approved. No complicated privacy settings in twitter. What you see is what you get. You can see who your child is following and who is following your child.

I Prefer Private Twitter Profiles for Kids

Private Twitter Profiles are like training wheels for kids. It allows them to use the service without being searchable which is a huge plus. I won’t go into detail about how marketers target users on twitter using SEO and get all technical on you. As a longtime user of Social Media, a twitter account is much easier to monitor than a facebook page.

Here are a few reasons twitter lists as why you would want to keep your twitter profile private:
  • People will have to request to follow you and each follow request will need approval
  • Your Profile and Tweets will only be visible to users you’ve approved, meaning that other users will not be able to retweet your Tweets
  • Protected Profiles’ Tweets will not appear in Twitter search
  • @replies sent to people who aren’t following you will not be seen
  • You cannot share permanent links to your Tweets with anyone other than your approved followers

So, Mom, Dad, follow your kids on twitter. Have their tweets sent directly to your phones. It’s, by far, the easiest way to monitor their social activities

As for Facebook…

I have never been a huge fan of facebook. It’s the one social media platform I have been on the longest but the privacy settings drive me nuts.

Facebook technically allows a child to setup an account and block Mom and Dad from viewing most anything. There could be a folder in pictures that you can’t see or certain status updates you could be blocked from. With the many.many, many levels of privacy settings in facebook you have to wonder how a parent with no social media skills could possibly monitor their kids on facebook?

A tech savvy child could give his parents the illusion they are seeing their child’s whole profile but in reality they are only showing you the part they want you to see. So I won’t be going into facebook here, maybe another day.

But that is my opinion… A twitter account should be used first before a facebook account until you feel comfortable knowing your kids know how to conduct themselves online.

This was my first posting for a new column I am working on for Patch.com. Check it out here…

Any Questions?



No iCloud For You Verizon iPhone!

I have been following all the latest updates from Apple’s WWDC Event this week and documenting some of them here on the blog to share with all my fellow iPhone and Apple fans. But some of my friends will not share the same enthusiasm as me over iCloud and they all have one thing in common. They’re on Verizon!

As a longtime user of the iPhone I am naturally on the AT&T network. This week I was going over where you can locate some of the many features of iCloud already available on the iPhone and I was being told they weren’t yet available on all iPhones.

Actually they are not available on Verizon iPhones!

No one knows why but iCloud is only available to phones running IOS version 4.3.3. You see, Verizon iPhone users are stuck on 4.2.8 so Verizon customers won’t be testing out iCloud anytime soon. Unless Apple gets out an update for the Verizon iPhone, Verizon’s customers will have to wait until the fall to get their first peek at iCloud.

MAC OSX Lion will be out before iCloud on Verizon iPhone?

This makes no sense. That means a MAC user using a Verizon iPhone could get their hands on the new OSX Lion in July before they see iCloud on their Verizon iPhones. That means an additional 2 months without iCloud on the device that will use it the most. You’ll be able to access iCloud from your MAC but not your Verizon iPhone. That make sense?

Same Exact Phone, basically,

The Verizon and AT&T iPhones are virtually identical except that Verizon’s iPhone runs over the carrier’s CDMA network, while AT&T’s uses GSM. Verizon’s model uses a Qualcomm chipset but the Verizon iPad also uses a Qualcomm chipset and that qualified for the update to iOS 4.3.

So I just don’t get why the Verizon iPhone cannot catch up with the AT&T iPhone. It’s a simple fix. There really is no reason for this. Is there?


iCloud is Here But Where Is It? Download Link included to iTunes 10.3

On my last posting I was speculating that iCloud would be launched in increments or stages. I did expect many of the features to be turned on and ready to use. Seems that’s not the case.

So far this is what I have found:

iCloud Can Be Found on IOS Devices in iTunes

My entire collection of purchased music from iTunes is now available for download from my iPhone. There is now a purchased tab on the bottom of the phone where you can go through all your previous purchases.

To the right of all your purchases is a cloud icon. You touch that icon and the music file is downloaded to your IOS device. The iCloud icon is not available if the file is already on your devices.

I started going through my previous purchases and discovered a lot of older music that I had purchased and thought I lost over the years. Yes, I have a disorganized music collection from ripping lots of old CD’s to iTunes and then purchasing 3rd party software to attempt to clean up my collections, find the right album cover artwork, ect, ect.

iCloud is going to get my music library organized again. Apple has also introduced a product that will allow you to rip and store your older CD’s in iCloud. This option will be available for the price of $24.99. I need to do some more research on this when the product actually comes out.

An update to iTunes for your MAC is now available via its website, its version 10.3. If you check for updates on your MAC, version 10.2.2 is the most recent version.

Head over to http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ to download iTunes 10.3. On first glance I don’t see any major changes though.

What’s new in iTunes 10.3

Introducing iTunes in the Cloud beta. The music you purchase in iTunes appears automatically on all your devices. You can also download your past iTunes purchases. Where you want, when you want.

Automatic Downloads. Purchase music from any device or computer and automatically download a copy to your Mac and iOS devices.

Download Previous Purchases. Download your past music purchases again at no additional cost. Your purchases are available in the iTunes Store on your Mac or in the iTunes app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they are no longer on the iTunes Store.

iCloud will Eventually Get All Your Info from Mobileme

Your mobileme accounts have been extended for a year, completely free. Eventually Mobileme will be integrated with iCloud. Having Mobileme extended for a year gives Apple another year to eventually port over your  contacts, calenders and bookmarks.

App Store gets connected to iCloud

Step into the app store on one of your IOS devices and you’ll find you can now access all previous apps you have purchased or free apps you have downloaded. When you go to the updates screen in the app store the very first tab is now a purchased tab.

So that’s what I have found so far. An updated iTunes on your MAC and IOS products allowing you access to your music in the cloud, free mobileme for a year to existing customers and access to all your previously purchased apps in the app store.

Anyone find anything else new? I would love to hear about it.

iCloud – A $1 Billion Dollar Server Farm I Think is a Game Changer.

Next Week Apple is set to just flat out dominate Microsoft

Apple is introducing iCloud next week. What is iCloud? Apple describes iCloud as their upcoming “cloud services offering”. It’s a pretty vague description.

But iCloud will spell big trouble for the once monopolistic company called Microsoft. Once a leader in the pre-mobile era, Microsoft can’t seem to respond to any of the products Apple is developing. iCloud is no exception.

iCloud will make Windows Obsolete

That Windows machine you may still be using is about to seem obsolete come next week when Apple releases iCloud at WWDC. I am seeing more and more people walking around with iPod touches, iPhones and iPads. These same people who love their Apple products will wonder why their iPhones, iPads and iPods sync up perfectly with iCloud while their Windows machine, the center of their computing world, will not be able to access the same features. iCloud will make these customers want to move to MACS. I wonder if this is the master plan?

iCloud – It’s a $1 Billion Dollar Server Farm in North Carolina

I think iCloud is the true game changer and I’m more interested in iCloud than anything else Apple has to announce next week. iCloud is Apple’s new datacenter. It’s a 500,000 sq ft server farm located in North Carolina that cost over 1 billion dollars to build. It’s a story I have been following since 2009. This server farm ranks as one of the worlds largest which means the possibilities are endless.

What Does Apple Plan on Doing With One of the World’s Largest Server Farms?

Apple tends to think big and plan well into the future but I do not think the full capability of this server farm will be up and running next week. Capabilities will be introduced over time. For the immediate future, rumor has it, this is where iTunes will now reside. You should be able to access all your iTunes music from the cloud. No need to carry around just part of your music collection. You will have access to everything you bought on iTunes through iCloud.

Online Backup Service?

Yes, Apple could very easily get into the online backup service business. If it was bundled into an iCloud subscription you can expect a lot of these smaller online backup companies to get an immediate hit on their bottom line. Smaller companies, like my online backup service and affiliate, BackBlaze, will be the first to get hit. If I have a backup with Apple I would not be paying extra money to my current online backup provider.

Many of these smaller backup companies have stopped offering unlimited backups, it’s just too expensive. Music takes up a lot of space in a backup. Apple can get around this by not backing up your music and just letting you access your purchased music library in the cloud. No need for constant uploading and downloading of files which is the way a traditional online backup works.

iCloud could be integrated with Time Capsule

Yes, rumor has it that Time Capsule is being phased out for an upgraded one. Apple’s Time Capsule is a wireless Router with an integrated hard drive for backups. The new Time Capsule may have the ability to sync your physical backup in your home to the backup you have at Apple’s server farm – iCloud.

Updates for all your IOS devices could also be pushed out over time capsule eliminated the need for a 3G network connection. This would also have the added benefit of taking traffic off AT+T and Verizon’s networks resulting in better phone quality. It also allows Apple to ultimately offer the iPhone line to all carriers without updates being tethered to their networks.

I call this checkmate. Your Microsoft Windows based machine as the center of your network surrounded by Apple products just won’t cut it. Not with iCloud.


Apple Week Starts Early! What to Watch For Next Week

Looks like Apple is up to it’s old tricks again but they are a week early!

I had the week of June 6th – 10th blocked off to stay on top of all the news coming out of the Apple Developers Conference. They have leaked quite a bit of info early which is uncharacteristic of them. Here’s what we know so far:

iCloud will be available – yes, the long awaited iCloud from Apple will finally be arriving. In what form it will take is up in the air, no pun intended. It could be an online hard drive that constantly syncs with all your Apple products. It could be a cloud based music platform or something like dropbox or anything in between. I just hope it’s free!

iWork is now available – this was inevitable. Apple’s march towards making the IOS platform as functional as a MAC is well under way and now applications for Pages (Word), Numbers (Excel) and Keynote (Powerpoint) are available for your iPad and iPhone. They are dirt cheap too! At $9.99 each you can now edit documents on your iPad and, to a lesser extent, your iPhone. Just read the reviews of the apps first. Not all the functionality is there yet but Apple always works the kinks out based on reviews.

Lion, Apple’s Newest OS – Yes, there are still upgrades being made to the powerhouse MAC operating system. There’s no way the MAC’s little brother, IOS 5, could handle the duties of making music and movies. At least not for a long time. The MAC’s newest operating system will start looking more like an iPad with a launchpad for your apps, full screen apps and a mission control feature that will show you exactly what is running. Right now, on OSX,  you have to know the right gesture to see this. Mission Control will be much easier to locate.

IOS 5 – Huge mystery on this one. Apple’s IOS runs on their mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch’s. Reports have said that iOS 5 will have a revamped notification system and new widgets, aside from that I have no clue what will be added to IOS 5 beside the fact it will be another obstacle to jailbreakers.

So for all you Apple Junkies, next week is for us. It should be an interesting week! :)


Jones Beach Air Show – The Long Island Summer Officially Kicks Off

This Kicks off the Long Island Summer….


Air Show Beach 05272011-7_1, originally uploaded by votaaj.

I was not able to get out and see the Bethpage Federal Credit Union Jones Beach Airshow this weekend but you can bet some local Long Islanders did get some shots and posted them to Flickr.

This year the Blue Angels were grounded. My personal favorite, the F-22 Raptor, was pulled at the last minute but local favorites like the Iron Eagles, Geico Skytypers and the Army’s Golden Knight’s Team were still on hand for a great show.

Here is one of my favorite pics from fellow twitterer, Tony Vota, Captured with a Nikon D7000. It’s really hard to get shots like these, especially with such fast moving objects, so check out the whole photoset. Most of the planes in the show are represented and came out great.

Via Flickr:
Iron Eagle Aviation acrobatic bi-plane does a low banking turn over Jones Beach. Friday 5/27/11 – Practice Day of BFCU Jones Beach Air Show.

Attribution Creative Commons

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iCloud is Here But Where Is It? Download Link included to iTunes 10.3

iCloud – A $1 Billion Dollar Server Farm I Think is a Game Changer.

Apple Week Starts Early! What to Watch For Next Week

Jones Beach Air Show – The Long Island Summer Officially Kicks Off