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#140Conference – News Reporters Finally are Getting Social Media?

This years #140Conference in NYC was an eye opener. For decades and possibly forever the News industry has had little to no competition. Reporters today though have struggled to accept that they are now competing with the average person to report the news which makes their voices so much smaller. At this years conference I enjoyed the talks by Ann Curry (@AnnCurry) – Cohost of NBC’s Today Show and host of Dateline NBC and also Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) – Author & Professor, both of who are involved in old media but now… Read More

Facebook Hidden Requests? Why?

Check out this quick screenshot and then go into your own facebook page and verify you have no hidden requests. What is this? I always manage to get caught off-guard with another facebook privacy issue and this one I could not explain with a Google search. The facebook help center was of no help either. It’s the facebook hidden friend request. How do you do this? Why would you? Why do facebook friend requests need to be hidden and why are there no notifications in facebook or the facebook iPhone… Read More

Apple & Twitter Team Up in September, Just in Time For Back to School. What Will Your Kids Be Tweeting?

This past week I have been following the WWDC which is Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. The conference is currently taking place, between June 6th – June 10th, and Apple uses the conference to introduce all of their upcoming products. Apple seems to have plans to take over the computing world and will be partnering with twitter to do it. I’m not yet alarmed since Apple has the most stable and safest operating system on the market and twitter is a much safer social media platform than facebook but just the same I… Read More

What Social Media Network Should Kids Use First? Facebook or Twitter?

It’s your kids 13th birthday and they now are technically old enough to setup a facebook account but should they? This is the debate that has been going on in my little social circle. Parents who have practically no social media experience are now being asked to police kids social media activities. Parents hear stories about how facebook and twitter give the outside world too much access to their kids but just like any activity, you need to put on the training wheels first before they ride the bike. Your… Read More

No iCloud For You Verizon iPhone!

I have been following all the latest updates from Apple’s WWDC Event this week and documenting some of them here on the blog to share with all my fellow iPhone and Apple fans. But some of my friends will not share the same enthusiasm as me over iCloud and they all have one thing in common. They’re on Verizon! As a longtime user of the iPhone I am naturally on the AT&T network. This week I was going over where you can locate some of the many features of iCloud… Read More