I have to wish everyone a happy & healthy New Year and a successful 2011 for all. I’ve really enjoyed my time attempting to share some of the random tech knowledge I have floating around in my head. I’ve enjoyed the comments everyone has left this year and was very surprised at finding out just how much traffic has grown over 2009.

2010 Blog Traffic

The 2009 numbers were 3072 unique visitors and 9755 visits. That is a 70% increase in visitors and 81% increase in the number of visits over last year as seen by the current screenshot.

As of now I also have 64 subscribers, unfortunately I don’t have 2009 subscriber numbers but it obviously increased.

So I’m really looking forward to 2011. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated and I’m always looking for tech topics to write about. If you have a question or small nagging tech problem, I may be able to solve it. If I solve it I’ll write about it so my growing reader base can save some valuable time.

Most of my topics are geared towards Generation X’ers who have fallen behind the changing times. That’s totally understandable. We didn’t grow up with the internet and most of us were working on careers while the tech world was turned upside down all around us.

Hopefully I have helped everyone in some capacity by reviewing some simple tools, apps and other programs that could make your life easier. I also try to keep my readers in the know on the ever changing personal tech industry.

So again, I want to thank you all for visiting last year, hopefully you’ll continue to visit and find some value from my random tech knowledge. Have a Healthy & Happy New Year!

David Daniels

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