It’s Tuesday and time for another quick Tech Tip:

Have you had trouble setting up iPhoto to post to Flikr through Google Chrome? If so, read on…

It has taken me weeks to figure out how to setup iPhoto to post my pictures in Flikr and I believe that many other iPhoto users may be having the same problem. I think this may be the case because I’ve searched the internet far and wide for a solution and none was found.

Here are the steps:

1) Click iPhoto in the menu bar, 2) Then click Preferences, 3) Click the Accounts tab, 4) Click the + button to add an account, 5) Click on the Flickr account, 6) then click add

At this point your default browser will open and attempt to connect with your flikr account. If your default browser is Google Chrome (or Firefox) you will be taken to your Flikr login page where you will sign into your account. Once you sign into your account, nothing happens, no connection between iPhoto and Flikr is made. There are no error messages from iPhoto, no warnings, nothing really to tell you what you are doing is wrong.

You will need to make Safari your default browser as iPhoto attempts to make the connection. It just doesn’t work in Chrome. So go back and try the steps again with Safari.

That’s it. It’s such a simple fix I’m not sure why it hasn’t been posted yet to any of the other help forums but hopefully if you find this article helpful in the future it will save you valuable time.

And that’s this week’s tech tip. I will post a quick tip each week that may (or may not) help you get more productive, stay secure or just solve some small nagging problem in your daily computing activities so check back here every tuesday or subscribe to the blog to have your weekly tips delivered straight to your inbox.

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  1. doebtown December 29, 2010 at 8:56 PM

    Dude! You are SO the man. Go to bed tonight knowing that you rescued somebody you don’t even know from the brink of insanity.

    For the record, I was having the same trouble with Firefox. And they don’t even tell you there’s a problem . . . it’s just that nothing happens. It’s maddening.

    Anyway, switched to Safari, worked like a charm. You rock!

    1. David Daniels - Site Author December 30, 2010 at 6:47 AM

      Guess I should change the title to don’t use Google Chrome & Firefox. This is good to know. Thanks for the comment.


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