This Long Island Blogger would like to give a special welcome to Long Island’s very own ““.

One of the bigger tech stories I’ve been following this week is Google’s interest in buying in a deal that will be worth upwards of over 5 Billion dollars. Groupon is a group buying website that leans heavily on social media platforms to spread the word about deals that local small businesses are offering. These deals can be up to 50% off retail making the group buying phenomenon a popular way to save money while driving traffic to small local businesses.

Long Island Has It’s Very Own Group Buying Site

Through twitter I recently connected with, a Group Buying Website based in Syosset & serving the Long Island market. The Social Media Marketing Guru behind GrubLifeMetro is Rick Eberle, a lifelong Long Island resident.

Finally! This is exactly what I want to see. Long Island tech Startups. I have no idea why Palo Alto, California (Tech Capital of the world) or even Chicago (Where Groupon & Google have headquarters) has to have all the Tech startups. We need more of these companies right here on Long Island.

GrubLifeMetro has a huge hill to climb as is clearly the industry leader, operating in over 70 cities (including Long Island), 2 iPhone applications (one dedicated to consumers and another dedicated to merchants) and a dedicated youtube channel.

But if we help spread the word that GrubLifeMetro is the Groupon of Long Island, they just may be able to take this market and call it it’s own.

Here is part of the GrubLifeMetro Press Release

GrubLifeMetro.coma new Long Island based social buying network focused on connecting Long Islanders with discounted offers from local businesses in their area. While not necessarily breaking new ground with the concept itself, GrubLife Metro is consciously and specifically taking a hyper local approach at using the group buying model to effectively reach an enormous and startlingly underserved demographic – Long Islanders.

Many people forget; if it were a state, Long Island would rank 12th in population and first in population density in the United States. It is largely a hotbed of consumers that are willing to buy and eager to save! Full Press Release here…

Why GrubLifeMetro?

We all know that small businesses are the engine of our economy. could very well help kickstart that engine while indirectly generating jobs across the entire Island by promoting small businesses.

I love the concept . Group buying allows Long Island small businesses to have a social media presence and reach people they would normally not be able to reach. It allows Long Islanders to find great deals being offered by Long Island small businesses and then turn around and share these deals with their friends via facebook, twitter & email. could very well be the next Long Island success story, driving business to local Long Island businesses.

So the concept is simple… GrubLifeMetro is offering up deals from Long Island businesses for up to 50% off their retail value. Rumor has it some deals could be even more than 50% off. Check out the deals, save yourself some money, share deals with your friends and support your local small businesses.

So check out and welcome them to Long Island. You can “Like” Grublifemetro on facebook, follow on twitter at @GrubLifeMetro or visit the Grublifemetro blog… because Groupon should not be the top Group Buying website on Long Island. It should be Long Island’s own

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  2. Rick Eberle December 2, 2010 at 2:31 PM

    Thanks so much David! wonderful read.


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