I love this and just had to repost it! Christmas music using iPhones and iPads at North Point Community Church.
Download more free music from North Point — www.northpointmusic.org/christmas

And here’s a list of all the apps that were used in this video:

“Carol of the Bells”

  • SoundGrid
  • NLogFree
  • Melody Bell
  • Guitarist (Nylon String)
  • iGog (MoreVox Acoustic 1 sound)
  • Bassist
  • Guitarist (Electric)

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

  • iGog
  • Bassist
  • Guitarist
  • Pocket Organ
  • Saxophone Musicofx
  • Percussions (Tambourine)

“Feliz Navidad”

  • Percussions
  • iGog (Rock Kit 1 sound)
  • Bassist
  • Guitarist
  • Bebot
  • Pianist
  • T-Pain

I think I want an iPad for Christmas. :)

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