Today, December 10th, has been designated Baseball Bloggers Alliance Day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of this organization, both amongst bloggers and those that enjoy reading baseball on the internet.

I happen to be in both categories. I blog part time for the and really enjoy perusing the many other baseball blogs currently being listed in the Baseball Bloggers Alliance. As a Mets fan I regularly go to quite a few blogs and here are three of my favorites listed in no particular order:

  1. MetsBlog Weblog focusing on news, opinion, and insider information. Also offers regular podcasts and interviews with players and personnel.
  2. – A New York Mets Video Blog Providing News, Analysis and Opinion by Kerel Cooper
  3. – Mets fan site about baseball news, videos, audio, and trades. I’m a contributor here.

But if you are a fan of other teams you can visit the Baseball Bloggers Alliance website to find your teams local blogs. The local blogs are great. Your going to find some incredibly passionate fans behind the publishing of these blogs and if you love to talk baseball then you should really check out your local blogs.

Participation is Key

Blogs are different than websites. A blog posting is written to encourage a dialogue. At the end of every posting you can leave a comment and the blogger who wrote the article will usually comment back fairly quickly. Pretty soon you are having a conversation about your favorite team with some incredibly passionate fans.

Some Interesting Facts About the Baseball Bloggers Aliance

  • There are roughly 230 blogs at the current time.
  • Every Major League team is represented.
  • There are also chapters covering general baseball (day-to-day MLB but not focused on one team), other baseball (minors, independent leagues, etc.), baseball history, fantasy baseball, and a miscellaneous chapter that encompasses everything baseball that doesn’t fit in the other chapters (baseball books, parody sites, etc.)
  • The largest chapter is the General Baseball chapter, with 28 members. The largest team chapter is the NY Mets, with 19. And that’s because we have the most passionate fans!
  • There is a weekly radio show at Blog Talk Radio and an iPhone app has been launched as well.

So you can check out the Baseball Bloggers Alliance blog, follow them on twitter at @baseballblogs or on facebook and get ready to interact with some amazingly passionate baseball fans. Let’s Go Mets!

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