Twitter adds instant notification via text. And this was the way twitter was originally intended to be used, As a text messaging service. You now have the capability to have all your mentions sent directly to your phone. These mentions can be just from people you follow or anyone on the twitter service.

So I find out, while testing the new Google Voice app; and then confirming over twitter; that the Instant Notifications via Text service launched today. Sometime yesterday I setup my instant notification settings but was not able to setup the instant notifications via Google Voice. Twitter just will not recognize my Google Voice number. I will keep trying.

In the meantime, if you want to setup twitter to use via text just follow the screenshot…

Screenshot of the new Twitter Mobile settings

To activate text notifications, go to and check the boxes under “text message notifications.” There are customization options available: check off “mentions and replies” will alert you to mentions from everybody, not just friends; uncheck “mentions and replies” turns off the service.

And of course I turn off updates between 11pm and 7am. :)

And that’s this week’s tech tip. I will post a quick tip each week that may (or may not) help you get more productive and stay secure in your daily internet activities so check back here every tuesday or subscribe to the blog to have your weekly tips delivered straight to your inbox.

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