I have been investigating ways to make my iPhone more secure on Public WiFi.

Knowing that the iPhone does not provide access to its file system, and does not have any enabled shell accounts unless you’ve jailbroken it, means that the only time your phone is vulnerable is when you are using unsecured public WiFi.

Normally when I access a public WiFi network I will turn on the VPN network I use. The VPN I use for my laptop also offers protection for my iPhone but this will also slow down your browser.

The solution to this problem is to use Opera Mini as your main browser on the iPhone.  Opera Mini is a completely free web browser for the iPhone and was developed to be fast! In Opera’s quest for speed, all communication between the Opera Mini servers and the Opera Mini client on your phone is compressed and then encrypted.

So there you have it! Another way to get a secure encrypted connection on your phone. Opera Mini is just another tool you can use to have a secure connection while on Public WiFi.

“p.s. It’s also available for Android!”

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