Today Microsoft will be releasing a huge update to patch 16 critical holes in XP, Vista and Windows 7. There are 49 total updates making this the biggest update ever!

From what I can tell from Microsoft’s latest update it effects every operating system from XP to Windows 7 and every version of Internet Explorer from version 6 to Version 8, all critical updates. I do not see any updates for IE9 which is still in beta. You may want to install that version for additional protection.

Each of the four Critical vulnerabilities that are being patched are related to a remote code execution threat, meaning there’s a chance a hacker could remotely take control of a victim’s computer once an infection is made.

Most infections are made when you unknowingly visit infected websites or download a file via email. Many of those exploits can also occur when you click on infected links in facebook so you may want to download defensio as additional protection while your on facebook which I mentioned in a previous posting over the weekend.

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