Finally, a security suite for facebook. I know I have tried really hard to lockdown my facebook page using facebook’s privacy tools but they don’t go far enough.

Now you can protect your facebook page from spam comments, malware, malicious content and unwanted URL’s by using Defensio 2.0. It’s a security suite for your facebook page. They even put out a quick video on how it works….

There is also an available plugin for wordpress that will protect your blog from spam comments. I have been using the spam filter for a few months on the blog and I was mildly surprised that they have now included a way to protect your facebook pages.

From my experience facebook is the the cause of many computer problems people encounter. There are all sorts of spam and malware lurking all over facebook and you never know if and when your computer has actually been infected. This is just another good tool you can use to protect yourselves while on facebook.

I also love it because it’s free for personal use. You can get it here…

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