I have been using IOS4.1 on the 3G for the last 24 hours and have noticed a definite improvement in speed and functionality on my phone.

Still not as fast as with the old operating system but just the same, you can’t keep adding functionality to the operating system without upgrading the processor.

OK, I know, Windows did it when going from Vista to Windows 7 and that’s because the operating system got smaller and faster but can Apple do the same with a brand new OS?

For those of you on an iPhone 3G, the only way to enjoy the newest features is by upgrading your phone so that it has enough RAM to run all these cool new features. Simply put that means buying a new phone.

The 3G has 128 MB (megabytes) of RAM used by the OS and applications in order to run. The processor runs at 412 MHz (megahertz).

The iPhone 3G S, released in June of 2009, has 256 MB of RAM. The new 3G S processor runs at 600 MHz.

The 3G didn’t get the game-center or the HCR camera functionality because 128 MB of RAM is just not enough to run the extra applications. The 3gS didn’t get the HDR camera functionality but did get the game center probably for the same reason. The 4G obviously was able to run everything. With 512 MB of RAM, which most windows XP laptops and desktops run on, the iPhone 4 is probably the only phone with the processing power to take advantage of all the cool features of this new OS.

Except it iPhone fans, the older 3g and 3GS models are not able to handle all the features of the new OS. Apple will need to do a major tweaking to get this done. I did get what was promised for the 3G though and that was improved functionality. The 3G went from unusable to bearable but still needs some tweaking in my opinion. Can Apple pull a windows and make the OS smaller and faster?

Welcome to the apple world folks. If this were a windows machine we could throw in some extra RAM and go about our merry way. Since it’s Apple your pretty much stuck with what they give you. Maybe jail-breaking is not such a bad idea.