I’ve had the opportunity to watch the new Freedom Tower continue to go up this summer and these are some of the clips from different vantage points from around the World Trade Center. Not all the clips are from the same day but they’re all from the last month. By next year I’m hoping the new Freedom Tower has risen to the point it can be seen over all the other buildings in the surrounding area and I’ll get a couple of hundred shots from the Brooklyn Bridge.

The 2nd video here is a video I made last year with some footage of the WTC site. Interesting how last year the Freedom Tower was just peeking out of the ground at this stage and the site itself is still a mess. Today it’s heading upwards.

It’s always an emotional time of the year when September 11th comes around but I feel the rebuilding of this area is just a small part of the healing process and hopefully I’ll get time to document some more of the rebuilding.

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