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For those of you who follow me you probably figured out that I hang out at the library a few times a month. The NYPL is by far the best library system I’ve ever used. It’s also the best deal in NYC as you have access to free wifi, the North and South Halls provide plenty of room to sit down and work or you can roam the halls and view the various exhibits on display.

This month’s exhibit is the Declaration of Independence. The Library has a few copies of the Declaration of Independence and this document is normally on display through the month of July. There is also a handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson.

The exhibit is not nearly as elaborate as the one in Washington DC or Philadelphia but you don’t have to drive 5 hours to view the Declaration. We have our own copies right here but due to their fragility they are displayed for the month of July only. Hurry down or you’ll miss it.

As an amateur photographer I know that light causes the most damage to any document so no flash photography is allowed and the exhibit is appropriately dimly lit. If you don’t live in NY check out the above link. This is also one of the few libraries that runs it’s website as a blog which means there is always new content being added so you really have to check back often.

So my suggestion is to explore the NYPL. Free books, wifi, various exhibits, free classes and there is always something for the kids. You can also follow the NYPL on twitter at @NYPL.

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