Now we all know who won the first Subway Series this year. If not I’ll give you a hint… CHECK THE VIDEO! Derek Jeter is wearing the shirt of the winning team. ;)

OK, so I had a little fun with a Derek Jeter cardboard cutout. It’s not the “REAL” Derek Jeter. And if you were thinking “I want a Life Size Cardboard Cutout of Derek” you can find one here…

Whether or not the Mets win this series I will get additional footage of the Empire State Building. Why? The Empire State Building is lit up in the colors of the team that wins the Subway Series. The series ends on Sunday and the Empire State Building will be lit up in the winning teams colors Monday night.

The Mets won the last series and the Empire State Building was lit up in Mets colors. You can see the previous footage here…

Sunday night may be the best game of the three game series as you will have the two teams aces up against one another, Santana & Sabathia. After Sunday night these two teams don’t meet for the rest of the year. Monday night the Empire State Building will be lit up in the winning teams colors.

I also understand the unofficial George Steinbrenner twitter account will tweet a statement about the Mets if the Mets win the series. This I have to see to believe. You can follow George Steinbrenner on Twitter at @theyankeeboss.

Speaking of which, here’s my complete list of the Mets on twitter. Carlos Beltran – @carlosbeltran15. And that’s the whole list! And he has plenty of time to tweet since he’s on the disabled list!

Everyone Enjoy your weekends and the Subway Series! You Know who I’m rooting for. :)

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