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Ok, here’s a little roundup of my week from Monday thru today with Sunday being a supposed day of rest.

MondayWWDC Keynote Day. I followed the WWDC live and learned about the new iPhone 4. Unfortunately I won’t be able to upgrade for a full year but I may do a purchase anyway. I usually stay a generation behind to save money so by the time the iPhone 5 comes out I could very well just purchase a clearanced iPhone 4.

If anything I can take advantage of the new iPhone OS coming out. As always this update is free. I won’t be able to run multiple apps since my old iPhone doesn’t have enough processing power to do that but I will be able to organize my apps into folders on the home screen and that would really help.

Tuesday – One of my blog postings to was highlighted by Matthew Cerrone on MetsBlog. You can find the original article here… The NY Mets look like a playoff contending team and this will be an interesting summer to write about them. You can see more at my author page.

Friday – I left my iPhone home again and I didn’t feel like blogging about it. I’ve done that once already. This time is was no big deal. This is the 2nd time I’ve run out of the house without it in the last year. I can go 8 hours without it. A whole day? …not sure.

Saturday – finished up a few loose ends with the current volunteer project and starting up a great new volunteer project with the same department. I would love to blog about it if I can get permission.

Throughout the Week – I’ve also added a DailyBooth share button to the site. What’s DailyBooth? It’s a social media site where mac users post a daily picture of themselves through Apple’s PhotoBooth. Of course anyone with a webcam can use it but it does feel like a mac themed site.

I also did a little update on the Long Island WiFi spreadsheet. Cleaned it up a little and added a few spots. I would love to have more spots added but I do still have to work full time, volunteer, blog and make attempts at keeping a normal social life. It’s all pretty demanding.

Updated Apple’s Safari browser from 4 to 5 on my Mac and HP Vista. It’s still not my browser of choice but the upgrade did make a noticeable improvement in speed and security. Check your computer and make sure it is updated because Apple and Microsoft have issued a lot of updates in the last few weeks.

I have a couple of small projects lined up so stay tuned as a Long Island summer kicks into gear.

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