Living on Long Island for my entire life I’ve always enjoyed being close to the beaches. Memorial Day weekend was a time that at least for one of the days of the 3 day weekend I could get down to the Long Beach Boardwalk and enjoy the first weekend of summer, usually by bike. But this was the first  Memorial Day Weekend that I decided to stay away from the beaches. Why?

First, the annual air Show at Jones Beach. The show has become way too popular. If your not at Jones Beach by 5am you pretty much might as well just park along the closed parkway to get a glimpse of the airshow. Hundreds of thousands of people show up for this show every year and every year the crowds seem to grow larger.

Jones Beach you can really only reach by car and the ocasional bus with the exception of this weekend when it is completely packed to the point the parkways need to be closed. So even getting there by car is not an option.

Long Beach, on the other hand is easily accessible by the Long Island railroad but that brings problems all it’s own. The cost of a day pass to Long Beach is $10. The LIRR has a Beach Package. $19 for round trip tickets from Penn Station to Long Beach and that includes a beach pass. It’s an excellent deal.

From here you can guess that Long Beach attracts a different clientele than Jones Beach. The LIRR brings in beach goers from Brooklyn, Queens and the city.

It’s very common to find packs of kids of 30 or more strolling the boardwalk looking for trouble. So, many times for the summer months I limit my trips to the Long Beach Boardwalk either early in the morning or during the week.  The best time to enjoy the Long Beach Boardwalk is now between the months of September thru April. The crowds are gone, the real beach goers are around and you can actually relax.

So this year I will change things up a little. Stay away from Long Island beaches for a while. At least for a couple of months till the summer season is over. I’ll find other things to do and blog about.