There it is. The iPhone 4, with the capability to make movies in HD, is the best phone that will ever be available for at least the next 5 years. This phone can basically do everything a MacBook Pro can do. I love it already but I won’t be able to get my hands on one for at least another year. Gotta love contracts…

Microsoft and Google do not, and may never have anything near what Apple can offer. For those of us who blog and vlog, this is a must have piece of technology.

The only obvious issue I have is, now that the iPhone will be able to make HD video, with AT&T eliminating unlimited data plans, how do you take full advantage of this phone? The dataplus plan at 200mb a month will be useless and the datapro plan at 2gb a month is just enough data to allow you to upload one 2-3min HD video before your monthly allotment of data is used up.

You can shoot, edit and create an HD movie all on the phone but you’ll need a wifi connection to get that movie onto the internet. I imagine that everyone who upgrades to this phone will keep their unlimited data plans that were grandfathered in.

Would you buy this phone knowing that the new data plans are useless on this phone?

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  1. David - Site Author June 8, 2010 at 6:05 PM

    Your right Bill. I’ve thought of that myself which is why I’ve been documenting my hunt for wifi hotspots. Long Island happens to be very far ahead of the rest of the country because of Long Islands very own, Cablevision. Cablevision is attempting to blanket the whole Island in Wifi and it might only be another 5 years before they are done. I don’t know of any other city in the country attempting this. Kind of cements Steve Jobs reputation as a visionary. In the future we won’t need these networks because wifi will be everywhere.

  2. Bill June 8, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    Metered usage is a provider’s dream, so it’s no surprise that ATT is dropping their unlimited plans. They claim that a small minority of users are using all the bandwidth, so most current subscribers won’t be affected or should benefit from less congestion. With the new phone there will be a larger demand for bandwidth and I do think it will be crippled to some extent without unlimited data plans. However, I see this only as a temporary problem. Once wi-fi becomes ubiquitous we’ll all be laughing about the days when we used to need data (and probably even phone) plans.