Ok, This is  the 2nd year in a row I have had to watch one of my most hated teams go to the White House in celebration of their World Series victory.

President Obama gives a decent speech. Certainly not one of his best and he doesn’t seem to be entirely enthusiastic. He does bring up the 9 year drought between Championships and that any team would love to be in their position including his hometown Cubs.

But I noticed the special mentions Obama makes, mentioning the charity work some of the Yankees are involved in but the speech does very little to really explain these charities.

Yankee Charities

Pres. Obama mentions the Scholarship Teixeira funds out of his own pocket for a close friend who died in a car accident. No details are given in the speech but Tex funds the Nick Liberatore Scholarship program for a close friend of his who was killed by a sleeping trucker on route 95, June 9th 1997. They both attended Mount St. Josephs Catholic School in Baltimore.

Obama mentions Jorge Posada is very active in helping children born with a certain defect. No mention of the actual defect. Jorge Posada is the founder of the Jorge Posada Foundation, dedicated to the support of families with children who struggle with Craniosynostosis.

Joe Girardi is the founder of Hope Week which is now in it’s 2nd year. This summer all the Yankees have volunteered to be involved in hope week. “HOPE Week will bring to light five remarkable stories to provide hope and encouragement to the recipient of the gesture and inspire individuals into action in their own communities.” Basically the Yankees are promoting charity work by honoring other charities for the work they do.

At least President Obama gave their causes a mention. Many people will be curious enough to go on the internet and search for their causes, learn more about these causes and be inspired to help in their own way.

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