What a response!

America is speaking up! Users of facebook are deleting their accounts in droves. No one really knows how many accounts are being deleted everyday but a small movement is growing and a quit Facebook day is being organized.

Through twitter I learned about the site QuitFaceBookDay.com which is getting a lot of exposure and is set for Memorial day, May 31st.

I can only confirm that when I visit sites like Mashable and Huffington post, the ratio of facebook shares to tweets has dropped significantly. It used to be a pretty equal 1-1 ratio. Now articles are 5x more likely to be tweeted than shared on facebook. So even though facebook will never tell you how many people deleted their accounts I am getting a pretty good idea.

Bloggers all over the web are writing about their experiences deleting their facebook accounts. The web has proven too big for facebook to control and I’m going to estimate that they could be losing 25-50% of their accounts over this.

Just recently Facebook blinked when they publiziced the fact they were conducting an emergency , all hands on deck, meeting to discuss their new privacy features gone horribly wrong. Read more here at “All Facebook – The Unofficial Facebook Resource“.

On top of that a small fledging startup right here in NYC has raised over $100,000 to put together a new open source social media platform. The site is called joindiaspora.com. This is technically vaporware since they announced the product before any work has really been done on it but nevertheless the project has generated huge support.

You are watching the biggest social media platform in the world start to come apart. Is facebook the new myspace?

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