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Oh what an experience!!!! — It wasn’t intentional. After my 1 hour commute I ended up at Starbucks to pick up my morning coffee. Reached for my phone and it wasn’t there. Looked throughout the car and couldn’t locate it anywhere. Checked my laptop bag… no iPhone. Oh%$#@.

I actually though about going back and getting it but it just wasn’t practical. So I reminded myself, I’m from generation X. I grew up without a cell phone.

Surely I can handle not having a cell phone for a day, especially since I will be in front of a computer all day. The first half of my career was spent without the iPhone. How important to my life can it be?

My brain started going into overdrive. Even though I was telling myself everything would be alright I realized I could be in real in trouble. My whole schedule was on that phone. I couldn’t check email on the fly, didn’t know anyone’s phone numbers and wasn’t sure what phone calls and texts I was missing.

People would start to think I was rude if I didn’t respond to my texts. VM’s I return only when I have time and sometimes I respond to them by text. I’ve never had a 30 sec conversation but 30 sec texts are common.

Luckily I could cheat a little since I do most everything in the cloud and I have access to a computer at work. I would have access to my Google calendar and my spreadsheets and documents are on Google Docs.

So when I got to work I setup a tab on Internet Explorer to monitor my Gmail. I was then able to pull up my schedule from my Google calendar. So far so good

Here’s where I missed the phone.

  • I can listen to the radio on the iPhone. I know it sounds dumb since I have an old radio on my desk that can pick up some stations but some of my favorite stations don’t come in well in the building I am at. Hence the phone is a perfect alternative.
  • No iPod.
  • I can’t check twitter on the work computer. That means no updates from my some of my favorite people I follow. No constant stream of information I might find interesting.
  • I hear a song on the radio, I can’t place the name of it. No “Shazam” app to help me.

Good thing there was no day games in baseball. I usually listen to them over the MLB “At Bat 2010” app.

But definitely the biggest loss was the text messages. There are no ways to retrieve them if your phone is not on you.  At least none that I know of.  For now email may be just the best way to go for me. Thanks to Google I can get email from anywhere.

Now granted it was only for about 10 hours. Long term is a different story. There are so many more apps I use for pictures, finances, getting news, ect, but for the 10 hours I was working, I still felt the loss.

Anyone else have an iPhone app you couldn’t live without if you forgot your phone.

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