What a sneaky company facebook is!

I get this email from this somewhat attractive woman who goes by the name of  Savannah Young. She only has one friend and wants me to log back into facebook to check out her pictures.

You can click on the screenshot to see the actual email.

Facebook also recommends other people I may know. These people happen to be people who I used to be friends with on facebook. Is facebook keeping my personal information? Yes. Are they using that personal information against me? Hell Yes!

Hey, if I just click the enclosed link and I will be sent to a page where I can sign into my old account. Remember, if you attempt to delete your account it’s not really deleted. You must remember not to sign into your account for at least two weeks. If you delete your account and sign in 1 week later your account will be active again and this is exactly what facebook tried to get me to do.

So is facebook using fake accounts to get me to sign back in? Is this just another one of the many fishing attempts being made for my personal information?

I wonder if the emails will increase with intensity as I get closer to the two week mark. It’s been just over a week since I have gone facebook free and I really haven’t missed it.  Has anyone else dropped facebook?

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