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This is my open letter to Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn in response to the $37 million in budgets cuts planned for the NYPL, reducing the days the Library is open from 6 to 4. –

Dear Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn,

Now is not the time to close the book on libraries.

The proposed $37 million budget cut facing The New York Public Library is the harshest in the Library’s history. It would close libraries, just when New Yorkers—and people everywhere—need them the most. It would drastically cut days and hours at those that remain open. And it would slash children’s programs, job services, literacy training, and free computer access.

As one of millions of library users, I urge you to restore funding for libraries. In these hard times, we need our libraries to stay open more than ever!

I was recently unemployed and I did take advantage of the Libraries resources to help me land a new job. I used the SIBL library every day which included internet access, career coaching to fix my resume and classes to refresh some office computer skills.

On the days I was using the SIBL the place was packed from open to close. Many people came dressed in their interview suits and many would be just outside of earshot of the main working area taking and placing calls on their cell phones hunting down that next job opportunity. The Library IS being utilized!

Most times I can only get here on Saturday’s and since I live on Long Island I may never get the chance to use the Library if the weekend hours are cut.

My hope, Mr. Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn, is that that a way is found to prevent these budget cuts. This is the best library system in the world, one that I travel from Long Island to take advantage of.

Sincerely, David Daniels

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