A few days ago I uploaded a little 30sec video to youtube about the MLB.com At Bat 2010 iPhone App.

When I went back to YouTube to check on the uploaded video YouTube suggested some related videos. I ended up watching a few of the suggestions and enjoyed watching some videos from a channel called AppJudgement. This channel does reviews on apps, many on the iPad but they also do some on the iPhone.

And the videos are pretty professional. They have a very informative take on the MLB.com Apps for the iPhone and Android. Seems that the MLB app is a good deal on the iPhone due to free streaming video which I am also having fun with too. The Android does not have live video capability so the $15 for the MLB Android app is not worth the price.

So I’ve subscribed to AppJudgement’s channel. They do great work and I’ve always enjoyed watching video over reading a blog. Might have to do more of that. :)

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