I found this picture in my iPhone and figured I’d post it since these are no longer made.

I went rumaging for some supplies at work and came across this archaic contraption called a floppy. It’s in pristine condition!

Do you realize that most kids today wont know what this is? Do you feel old yet? ;)

Also remember this was an upgrade over the older 5 1/4 inch floppies. These smaller 3.5 floppies became standard on most machines. Now they just look like incredibly large memory cards.

These disks also had an incredible 1.44mb of memory or the equivalent of a little more than a minute of an MP3.

I had just purchased an 8GB memory card to help move some of my music files. That new card is less than 1/8th the size of these old floppies we all used to use and has 7500 times the memory. Now that’s progress.

Now if they could just get the cost down like they get the size down!

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