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RocketBoom: Green Driving

For those of you who follow my random writings you probably know I am a fan of Rocketboom, a NYC Vlog about the internet and technology. It’s probably a combination of good looking women talking tech that draws so many guys like myself to the RocketBoom site but they do great work on their VLOG.

Here is a piece of work Rocketboom has just recently done about “GREEN DRIVING“. The Latest innovations in Hybrid and Electric Cars. Very informative and entertaining.

It might be time to start investing in Nissan if the their new car, the “Leaf“, can get zero emissions with a sticker price of about $25,000. It’s still a few years out but this will ultimately be my next major purchase so I’m constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in electric cars. This technology should have been available decades ago. Better late than never…

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