New Beginnings!

New BeginningsSo Spring is officially here, Summer is around the corner and my winter blues are finally gone! The  new spring season is beginning as well as a new baseball season.

Easter has always signified life renewed and the Baseball season parodies the changing of the season’s for me. This just might be one of my favorite time’s of the year.

This year, Baseball’s Opening Day also fall’s on Easter Sunday. In effect you have one of the most religious holidays of the year falling on the same day as another religious holiday. Yes, folks, consider baseball a religion only baseball is more popular, can be watched, played and studied everyday and also teaches some good life lessons such as teamwork, fairplay and Math! You won’t learn Math in religion so maybe baseball is an even better way to teach your kids Math. That will be a topic for another day.

Easter is usually celebrated with family over a ham and wine while Opening Day is celebrated with friends, preferably baseball fans, over Hot Dog’s and Beer. Whatever holiday you decide to celebrate or if your lucky enough to celebrate both, enjoy! As a Mets fan I will be celebrating Easter. ;)

To top it off, the Yankee’s will begin the baseball season playing Boston at Fenway Park. The biggest rivalry in sports starts the baseball season. If you have to start a season off with a bang this is the way to do it. The Met’s open tomorrow at Citifield.

This year I also have a new beginning as I have started blogging for the, a site for Met’s fans written by Met’s fans.  It’s my first blogging experience as a guest blogger and I’m looking forward to it. If you haven’t seen the site, head on over and check it out. The site is run by Mets Blogger Dave Doyle and yes, I already know we have the same initials. Thanks for noticing.

This should be an interesting season no matter which way it goes and hopefully you will be able to follow my thought’s on the baseball season though my work on Your encouraged to leave comments, subscribe to the feed or find us on the FanMisery iPhone app. Don’t let being a Yankee fan stop you either. ;)

So a toast to “New Beginnings”! Happy Easter to everyone and enjoy Opening Day!

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